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 This is a redesigned  lesson from "English For Today" for classes XI-XII, of Unit One.The redesigned lesson infuses 21st Century Skills and 21st Century Learning Design Assessment Rubrics. At the time of redesigning the lesson, the educator keep in mind the National Education Policy of the Government of Bangladesh and realign the lesson in line with the UNESCO-ICT Competency Frame Work for Teachers.     

       UNIT-1: Families Home and Abroad

An Overview aligned with Global Awareness

Lesson   -        Title                 -       Awareness

Lesson-1 : Our Family             -       Local

Lesson-2 : A Myanmar Family  -     Regional

Lesson-3 : A Kenyan Family     -     Intercontinental

Lesson-4 : Mr.Fraser’s Family -      Intercontinental

Lesson-5 : Changing Trends     -     Global



Unit-1: Lesson-1: Our Family

   General Questions:

►What is a family?

Where is the place of family in nation structure?

Family [Definition]

 ■ A social group

 ■ A group of people related to each other.

 ■ Such as a mother, a father and their children.


Place of Family in Nation Structure
In context of

Picture of Nazneen’s Family

Guess their relationship with Nazneen

Here are the Answers!

# 1.  Nazneen’s Father.

# 2.  Nazneen’s Mother.

# 3.  Nazneen’s Younger Brother.

# 4.  Nazneen’s Younger Sister.

# 5.  Nazneen’s Aunt.

# 6.  The Baby of Nazneen’s  Aunt.

# 7.  Nazneen’s  Grandfather.

# 8.  Nazneen.

# 9.  Nazneen’s  Elder Sister.

#10. Nazneen’s Cousin.

#11. Nazneen’s  Cousin.

Let us see Nazneen’s city

Watch this Video

She tells us the following:

She lives in an extended family.
She has to do household works.
She can’t concentrate on her study.
She doesn’t have any privacy.
She can’t sleep well for noisy atmosphere.

An Extended Family
                    consists of grandparents, parents, uncles, aunts and their children

Advantages of Extended Family

♦ Atmosphere is lively.
♦ One can share one’s feelings.
♦ Everyone has some duties to other.
♦ Solve any problem as all are united.
♦ One never feels lonely.
♦ Children learn to socialize.

She tells us the following:

►She lives in a nuclear family.
► There is too much quiet and calm.
► She feels lonely  as all remain busy.
► She cannot pass her time with others.
► She cannot go out alone.

A Nuclear Family

consists of father, mother, brother and sister.

Let  us see Zinnia’s city


Watch the video 

Advantages of Nuclear Family

♦ The atmosphere is quiet and calm.
♦ One can concentrate on one’s work.
♦ One can enjoy enough leisure.
♦ Congenial atmosphere for study.
♦ Parents can take care of their children.


Why Concentration is Important?


Are These Letters Written in a Formal or an  Informal Style?

Traits of Informal Letter

►Contractions : I’m, can’t, etc.

►Everyday words:exam”, “auntie”,

►Form of addresses: “Dear Mita Apa”


D. Here are some words and expressions from the letters that we use in daily life. Understanding their meaning within the context is important. Check your comprehension by matching the words/ expressions shown in column A with their meaning in column B.







Be on one’s toes

At somebody’s beck and call

The grass is greener on the other side
---believing what others have is always better.

---small regular tasks that are done in the house.

---be in a position where you do things as ordered by others.

---wish that you had someone else’s possessions, abilities.

---be always ready.

---bright and cheerful, as in a celebration.

---happy, wonderful.

---very, very much.

Complete the following sentences from given Words /Phrases.

Awfully; Screams; Rosy; Festive; Be on one’s toes;

At somebody’s beck and call

1. Bangladesh has a ____ air during the month of Ramadan.

2. Things don’t look very ____ for him in his present job.

3. She is ____ to help everybody in the house.

4. The peon in the office is at the Principal’s ____.

5. When she saw the burglar, she _______ in terror.

6. I’m ______ sorry for breaking your new pen.

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E. Think about your family.
Ask and answer questions about your family.

Letter Writing 

In collaboration with the students of HSC 1st Year

F. Write a letter to the Rising Sun describing the type of family you like and why. 

Focus on Grammar/Structure

Simple Present Tense


► Clouds brings rain.
► My father works in an office.
► I understand the problem.
► I leave tomorrow morning.
► Socrates says, ‘Know thyself.’
►He will pass if he works hard.

To Study More On SIMPLE PRESENT TENSE Click This Link 

             To Deepen your Understanding

     Watch this video on Simple Present Tense


Who is Mr. Ali?                 (? About Person)
Whom did you see?          (? About Person)
Which is your coat?          (?About Thing)
What is this?                    (? About Subject)
When is the meeting?      (? About Time)
Why is he here?                (? About Reason)
Where am I?                     (? About Place)
How is your father now?  (? About State)

To Deepen your Understanding

Watch this video on Wh-Question?


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