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"5 Ways Teachers and Students Can Use Sway in the Classroom"

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By Mohammed Khurshed Alam

Sway has become an essential and popular educational tool for teachers and students. We live in that part of the world where basic human rights are not yet established. Most of people are continuously struggling for their survival. Education is compulsory to all. We are at the initial stage of integrating ICT in Education. Still 99% teachers are not aware of Digital literacy let alone Sway. In my institution I take one class Bi-weekly by using technology. Besides these we have limited access to different productivity tool. But being an MIEExpert15, I am privileged to use latest versions of all products and education technology.  I have been using Sway in my class and with my class for the last three months. I have also introduce it to my fellow colleagues in my institution. As teacher of developing world I find Sway to be the most effective product for the resource constraint teachers and students. 

Here are the five most effective ways Sway can be used to transform education in the developing world.

Way # 1:  Sway can be used by teacher to plan lesson

We can plan or redesign a traditional lesson into the most effective and attractive multimedia based lesson plan.

Way #2 Sway can empower teachers and students to easy research.

Sway is a great tool for search and research because it brings all the sources right in our dashboard to choose and use. We can see the effectiveness and relevance of our research at once. My personal experience tells me that teachers and students show negligence of one International Law namely Copy Right Law. Bing planted in Sway teaches me and my students to be aware of this by providing us resources that are permissible.


Way  # 3 Sway saves a lot of time in creating lessons.

As Microsoft Innovative Expert Educator and Mentor school leader, I trained a lot of teachers, administrators and facilitators. Teachers are reluctant to integrate ICT because they have dedicate a lot of their time in preparing lessons. In our part of the world where teachers are the least paid employee hardly find time to devote in integrating ICT. Here Sway is most effective. When I demonstrate creating a lesson in fifteen minutes from the set lecture-based lesson, most of the teachers feel enthusiastic.

Way  # 4 Sway is the most effective in delivering lessons in the classroom

 In traditional lectured-based delivery students feel bored and lack enthusiasm. In Sway we can overcome this hurdle because we can incorporate multimedia even edutainment related to the lesson to make the class interesting.  

Way # 5 Sway can be a great platform to peer learning and feedback.

Peer learning happens when one student goes through the product of other student or one group of students  see the scripts or product of other group of students or the result of the performance of whole class.


Great educators around the world have great and innovative things to present through Sway. In my classroom and outside the classroom. Sway is a necessity for the resource –constraint teachers and students of a developing country to succeed in the 21st century.

Thank You ,
Microsoft in Education and Sway team for giving me such an opportunity.


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