Sunday, 27 October 2013

INTRODUCTION: A Hub Of Innovative Teaching

Educators@mes is our maiden initiative to provide help to the Bangladeshi students studying in different schools, colleges,madrashas and universities. We are encouraged  by a Microsoft's Partners in Learning Network which I think is the only way forward for a poor country like ours. I am new to the world of blog but not a newcomer to the world of web. We have 14000 viewers ready to surf everyday if we can create this as an innovative hub of general and higher education. For this we will welcome constructive advice and suggestions from all.

Besides providing education to the general students in educational institutions, we are also involved in projects on"Women Empowerment through Computer Training and Other Women Issues"  sponsored by US Embassy, Dhaka and MFT Foundation.

                                      We participated at Small Grants Meet at Dhaka May, 2012

We have recently completed "One-year long Women's Awareness Program within Islamic Framework" jointly sponsored by Australian High commission Dhaka and Asia Foundation Inc.

 Australian Deputy High commissioner Tim Bolotnikoff visits women awareness project

We are also involved in Humanitarian works such as helping the less privileged people to overcome poverty and creating awareness relating to current social issues.We would like to create a world of endless opportunities for the Have and Have nots.

We would like to thank Microsoft for its ITL Research Project for creating such a spirit in us to express our wish and create  vision in us to succeed.

Md. Khurshed Alam
Naziria Nayimia Mahmudia Madrasha,
Head, Department of English,
Omargani M.E.S. College